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День плавания CNB Day Sail

A week of racing in a magnificent setting bringing together classic sailing vessels and modern yachts from around the world, all in a sociable atmosphere and generally under the sun…That is the magic formula of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, certainly a highlight of the Mediterranean yachting season. CNB yacht builders is always present at this great yachting festival, and has organised the CNB Day Sail since 2014. During the "Challenge" day, on the Thursday, the race committee provides a dedicated course and institutes a starting procedure specifically for CNB yachts.This is an opportunity for all family members who are present to do battle, and they are usually there in numbers.While the result of this friendly race does not count towards the Voiles de Saint-Tropezclassification, it is of course a subject for discussion at a cocktail party at the finish.

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